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What is Worship?   Has Worship become a brand rather than a lifestyle?

Worship music has become the normal diet of church life for the past few years many churches dumping the hymn books for data projectors. Projecting on the big screen the latest songs by all the top Worship artists or some may call stars, since when did we become stars in worship. Worship music has one of the biggest sales in the music business today, that even the big name record companies  are now behind all Christian labels, the thing that concerns me is this, Do we just sing the latest songs because every other church does it, this seams to me that this is case, but surely we should be producing songs as worship leaders and singers in the church. Doesn’t the Psalmist encourage us to sing a new song unto the the Lord. Don’t get me wrong I sing some these songs myself in the church but I don’t jump on the bandwagon and sing because they are popular in the church for me they have to be Biblical sound.

Many names and group sand  churches  in Christian Worship Music have become house hold names in the church, almost like a brand of drink or food or Technology. I think this is wrong we were not called to be stars in the Kingdom of God.

Let me encourage you to write songs that suit your church don’t just follow the trend but  be Authentic in worship and watch your church get blessed.